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Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Rossella Pani,

My journey of personal growth began in 2003 with the reading of hundreds of books, the vision of seminars on DVD and also on-line.

My dream was to become a better person and to improve myself in my work as a wellness coach.

In 2009 a trip to the Tombs of the Giants of Palau in Sardinia completely changed my life and my personal plans…

I didn’t even know it was a sacred place, full of very powerful energies that could transform the field energy of the people who go to these places to regenerate and rebalance themselves.

These energies brought an almost immediate transformation into my life by opening my Channel of “Feeling”, also called “clairsentience”  but also the re-emerge of perceptions and talents that I didn’t know I had in such an explicit way that I have refined over time, they practically changed the way of living my life and of perceiving reality as I did before.

As a child I had a clear connection with my inner voice, I felt my guardian angels helping me in all my things, even the simplest of every day. Then, growing up, I remember having cases of clairvoyance, through dreams, where I dreamed in advance what would happen the next day, in the smallest terms, until I dreamed of an accident that involved one of my familiars where I was driving the car and saved the person involved, the next day I remember that I prayed so much and the person I had dreamed of, despite having had the accident in the exact dynamic of how I dreamed of them, saved his life.

Honestly this episode has really scared me and somehow the channel of clairvoyance”closed” itself.

Until suddenly I had the awakening of my soul.

I still remember the first contact with my Higher Self, the sense of Unconditional Love and union with everything, I began to receive the messages of the angels, especially I felt the strong presence and assistance of the Archangel Michael, who told me that he was close to me, that I was not alone and that all this was part of a fundamental process.

The Archangel Michael was speaking to me through my Inner Voice (even though I didn’t know that it was him) he told me that one day I would have used this gift to serve others, when I would have realised and when I would learn to trust myself 100%.

All the signs showed me the living presence of the Archangel Michael,

I was guided step by step towards the right books and the right teachers who helped me with their teachings to recognize myself as  a Sensitive Soul that was going through a transition process.

I was subsequently guided to a teacher, who was considered the greatest angels expert, she was a great spiritual help for me!

She told without fear of her sensitivity to energy and this made me realize that I was not the only one …

Looking for answers I read all her books and decided to attend three of her seminars about connecting to angels.

Thanks to her I discovered how important the daily Psychic Protection with the Archangel Michael is, especially when channeling or when working with healing energies.

My spiritual research work didn’t end with the seminars but started when I finally realized that it was Archangel Michael to guide me and I had to learn to trust him and his teachings. The time had come to trust myself above all.

From a purely personal experience, it’s of fundamental importance for those starting to approach the world of the Channelling to have a Psychic Protection to avoid entering in connection with low forces as poorly evolved guides, fake angels or spirits bound to the earth that can compromise all your spiritual work that you’re doing with much love.

Even if you are aligned people, but not enough aware, these forces can intrude and divert your path of light, for this reason is also important the so called Process of Liberation with the Archangel Michael, from vows, agreements or contracts made consciously or unconsciously, known or unknown, made in this life or in other lives.

I had to learn to apply true discernment through my “Feeling“, always accepting the truth even when it hurts, carrying out my spiritual work with integrity, this allows me to to remain always connected and aligned to my soul.

Let’s talk about healing …

I approached the world of energy healing in 2009 as after the trip to the Tombs of the Giants in Sardinia.

I started to be much more sensitive to energy and inside my heart I felt the call of my soul that wanted to free itself from the burdens of the past but something inside me told me that it was not only about burdens related to this life.

So in November 2009, a little by chance even if coincidences doesn’t exist,

I attended a conference where more than 500 people were present, including topics such as energy healing, evolution, where many healing techniques were exhibited and for the first time in my life I felt in the right place and at the right time.

Between all the speakers there was a world-renowned healer who proposed a new level of healing with the New Frequencies of Light.

In a few minutes he was able to facilitate the healing of a woman who could not lift her arms but after interacting a bit with the frequencies, she managed to bring them up and join her hands.

On one side I saw an almost instantaneous healing, on the other I felt the frequencies flowing into all my being, so I realized within my heart that I absolutely wanted to attend the seminar and that I also wanted to learn to do the same to help myself and others.
So in March 2010 I attended the healing seminar and just after a weekend I was really able of facilitating healing in others through the New Frequencies of Light.

Who would have ever said that three months later I would have facilitated my father’s recovery and that this event would have completely changed my life?

Thanks to the new frequencies I received a deep healing and liberation of the soul and a great “Acceleration” in my evolution process.

I felt I was in alignment with the divine purpose of my soul and I attended all the possible seminars because I wanted to learn all about the world of energy healing, working in my master’s team like an assistant in training. I assisted my teacher in many seminars that were great lessons for me in many levels and I must say that they have profoundly marked my path of learning and personal evolution.

The only drawback was that I started to be too “sensitive”…

The invitation of Archangel Michael was to align me with Love and Healing, only in this way I would have understood my new sensitivity.

I had to learn to recognize the energies and to discern the truth!

So I had to quit my job in the company and started to follow a path of realignment with my soul.

Archangel Michael invited me to practice the “Psychic Protection” and told me that if I had joined the prayer of protection to the energy work with the new frequencies I would not have had any kind of issue.

At first I was a little confused because I had been taught that protection was not needed until I stopped judging and listened to the divine guidance. Only now, after such a long time, I realized that each of us came to this planet to bring a little piece of truth, a truth much bigger than us that changes and models itself all the time. Things change and evolve.

Crystal children/adults are hypersensitive and can easily access higher frequencies, but they are also able to grasp the energies of “fear” of other people and the environments that surround them and without wanting to, without an adequate protection, they can absorb that, this leads in all their being to a strong imbalance to the point of feeling sick and not only finding themselves energetically drained.

So finally after a long learning journey, I learned to take the best from teachings of my masters, but I also learned to use my discernment, listening to my Inner voice and the voice of the Archangel Michael who guided me to this point. I learned how important is to get rid of karma and a series of things that limit us and prevent us from access to our full love power, thanks to the process of liberation with Archangel Michael.

I learned how important Purification and daily psychic protection are, just like doing the shower in the morning, and thanks to these great teachings despite my marked sensitivity, today I am strong and I can live a normal life, even if with a new awareness greater than before.

Today I facilitate healings with the new frequencies with the help and protection of the Archangel Michael, I teach in my seminars how to access this new level of healing feeling free, following the divine guide that showed me the rightest way for me, for my highest good and for the highest good of all the people involved.

There are many people who are benefiting from this healing work and

I finally feel connected with my divine purpose.

I infinitely thank the Source of light and of unconditional pure love and the Archangel Michael who was decisive in this whole process.

With Love and Joy

Rossella Pani.

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